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Rotary World Peace Symposium 2012


In front of the live Twitter stream from @RotaryChula using Twitterfall

On day two of the Rotary World Peace Symposium we (Class 12) ran a workshop session looking at how peace fellows (over 650 worldwide) can assist with the Rotary “End Polio Now” Campaign.  Polio has not yet been eradicated from Nigeria, Afghanistan or Pakistan and one the reasons for this is the difficulties caused by conflicts in certain areas in these countries.  One of the aims of the session was to see if we could start to utilities the alumni network in these regions and beyond.

With the help of @rotary (International) and @EndPolioNow we managed to be repeatedly re-tweeted to over 150,000 “followers”.  It was my first time  running (along with Chris Quinlan) a live Twitter stream from a conference and it was great to see first hand the power of social media in being able to get the message of the session out to many more people than were actually in the room.

Unfortunately my netbook screen has decided to kindly stop working as my Fellowship draws to a close (I’m blaming the Bangkok humidity -84% today!)  I will add more to this blog as soon as I get up and running again!

Conflict in Thailand, Reconciliation & Lessons Learned

One of the final weeks was spent looking at the conflicts in Thailand.  We focused on the aftermath of the 2008-2010 political crisis and the ongoing difficulties in the South of the country in the provinces of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat.  I felt that the lectures gave a comprehensive synopsis of the complexity of the issues facing modern Thai society.

Dr. Sukree Langputeh from Yala Islamic University, deconstructing the Southern Conflict in Thailand.

A representative from the Truth for Reconciliation Commission of Thailand

Mark Tamthai, Director of the Institute of Religion, Culture and Peace at Payap University giving a motivational talk about his lessons learned as an experienced mediator and peacebuilder

My Conflict Resolution Blog

I’m a conflict resolution facilitator working for TIDES Training and Consultancy in Northern Ireland and I’m planning to blog about my time as a Rotary World Peace Fellow from February 15th 2012.


Conflict Evolution

Conflict Evolution