About Me

Facilitator, Training Manager, Peacebuilding Practitioner and Mediator

Thanks for visiting my blog! I work for TIDES Training and Consultancy a peacebuilding charity based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.   I’ve been involved in Conflict Resolution work for over a decade and I’ve worked with a wide variety of groups in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Thailand, and the United States.

I’m an Rotarian with District 1100 eClub, a Rotary Peace Fellow and an  active member of Mediators Beyond Borders International.

This blog started as a diary of my Rotary Fellowship and I’m retaining the original posts under this heading in the hope that it will encourage others to apply for this great opportunity and to act as a resource to those who are successful in their applications.

This is my first attempt at a blog so all views presented here are my own and all spelling mistakes are on purpose.

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Looking forward to following your trip and hearing all about it. Best of luck Enda :)

  2. Enda, I look forward to learning, celebrating and supporting your work as you learn, teach, and train over there! Best wishes, Donald.

  3. Enda,
    Great that you’re dong this blog to document your weeks in Rotary! You bring a light and positive energy to this Class!
    It was great meeting you and learning from your experiences I’m certain that your engagement in this program will benefit all you encounter, as well as yourself .
    Stay in touch,

    • Thanks for your kind words Jan. I really appreciated your knowledge and experience and getting the chance to facilitate with you for a day was great. Let me know if you ever find yourself over my side of the pond!

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